Archive | March, 2011

BCIT Nursing Students need CPR HCP certification.

Students enrolled in the BCIT Nursing program are required to have CPR level HCP or equivalent to enter and remain in the program. Health Care Provider (HCP) CPR certification can be optained via an 6 to 8 hour course by Vancouver First Aid Ltd. CPR HCP Re-certifications are also offered by Vancouver First Aid and take approximately […]

First Aid Myths – Seizures

Part of learning first aid is clarifying myths and learning the proper methods of treating First Aid situations. After teaching first aid for several years I have heard many stories, wife tails and myths. I have heard significant amounts of myths when teaching candidates about Seizures. Placing something into a victims mouth or throwing them […]

First Aid Myth – Hypothermia

Hypothermia is a potentially fatal first aid situation. Hypothermia occurs when the human body is in a cold environment for a prolonged period of time. We have all felt some form of hypothermia, especially if we have ever been in a snow ball fight. Dependant on the severity, the best first aid treatment for Hypothermia […]

AED training with the Red Cross vs AED training with the Lifesaving Society.

Defibrillators dramitically increase the chances of survival for people who have heart complications. Both the Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society strongly promote the training of the use of AED’s. However, they both have different courses for candidates to take. The Lifesaving Society involves an introduction to AED’s during any CPR training. However, on the […]