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Red Cross AWSI Learning Course Plan

The Canadian Red Cross is the leading provider of a number of water safety, first aid and CPR programs. Candidates have a number of options when registering for first aid and CPR which include learning CPR on infants, children and adults. This page will focus on other preventative and safety measures including water safety and […]

Red Cross AWSI Lesson Plan

AWSI – Red Cross Swim Objectives: • Know the Red Cross history in Canada, programs and services, and Seven Fundamental Principles. Identify the various components of the Red Cross Swim program.. • Identify the components of the Haddon Matrix Injury Prevention Model (PEE [personal, environment, and • equipment; PSSS. Prepare! Stay Safe! Survive!. • Identify the difference between […]

Red Cross Skills and Water Safety

When registering for Red Cross safety and education programs candidates have a variety of options. These options include water safety training, first aid aid training and a variety of CPR courses to choose from. This article will focus on Red Cross water skills and water safety. Skills and Water Safety OBJECTIVES 1. Identify the importance […]

Red Cross AWSI Communications Lesson Plan

The Red Cross is the foremost leader in safety training. The Red Cross is not only popular in CPR and first aid training courses but it also is the Canadian leader in water safety programs. This page is dedicated to the assistant water safety instructor (AWSI) communication lesson plan. These topics are covered in the […]

Affects of Altitude on the Human Body.

The information posted on this page about the affects of altitude is supplemental material to first aid and CPR training. This information will not be covered in this immense detail in any of the comprehensive first aid courses. This material is provided to give candidates an understanding on the demands of the body as altitude […]