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We offer Red Cross courses and re-certifications across the Vancouver Lower Mainland.  We offer courses in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Richmond, Surrey and Vancouver. Basic-First-Aid-RoomBy taking a first aid course you will learn to preserve life, prevent further harm and promote recovery. Our courses are the most competitively priced programs in the Lower Mainland, with quality instructors and convenient locations in each region.

First Aid Courses

Vancouver First Aid offers many different first aid and CPR courses. These can be used for a professional requirement or your own personal education. Our most popular courses include:

All of our courses include training and certification in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED’s). For more information and registration visit the course of your choosing from the main menu.


We offer Red Cross re-certifications for candidates looking to renew their expiring awards. To register for a re-certification course, use the drop down menu at the top of this page to select the re-certification you need. These are also visible in the “Upcoming Courses” side bar. For more information, go to our re-certifications page. Remember to keep your certifications current by renewing them every 3 years.

Private Courses:

Looking to bring Red cross training and safety to your company or organization? We offer private Red Cross courses for business. You can either bring your team to us or we can send a certified Red Cross instructor to you. We will cater to your teaching needs in a fun, exciting and educational class.

Course Prices:

We offer the most competitive prices in the Lower Mainland. Prices start as low as $25.00  for re-certifications! Our popular standard first aid training course costs only 144.99. All course fees include taxes, Red Cross certification fees and course manuals. We have no surprise fees or hidden costs.

Food Safe Courses:

We now proudly offers food safe courses. These courses are designed for candidates that need to obtain food safe certification in handling, serving, preparing and storing food as well as proper dish-washing and sanitization techniques. Courses are offered for as low as 65 dollars. For more information or registration please visit our food safe page.

We Were in the News!

Joy TV came by and did a news segment on our CPR Classes. Watch the video below!

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