20-year old man who died in Caldwell Avenue given first aid

A 20 year old man was shot to death in Caldwell Avenue in Ottawa’s Carlington neighborhood in broad daylight. The police identified the victim as Hamzeh Serhan. He was found outside of a townhouse complex in 1500 Caldwell Avenue before 3:30 in the afternoon. Paramedics immediately provided first aid on the victim. He was later taken to the hospital for further treatment. Due to his severe injuries he was declared dead in the hospital.

Unforeseen ordeal

According to the investigators they saw several bystanders who witnessed the shooting but are afraid of coming forward. Serhan was given a one year probation after found guilty of obstructing a police officer in the past years and with criminal record with the police. Recently he was charged with possession of drug, drug trafficking and possession of stolen property. These three charges were withdrawn.

Vancouver first aid

He gave chest compression to keep proper circulation of blood in his body.

According to some witnesses they saw people running away from the area and another small group of people trying to help Serhan after the shooting. Among those people was Fabien Kalala, who was only visiting some relatives and used to live in the area. The daughter of Kalala was playing outside with other children. According to Kalala, he brought her daughter and other children to safety. Then he heard more gunshots and decided to intervene. I just can’t stay away and only watching from far. He saw Serhan severely bleeding and conscious lying on the ground. Kalala is properly trained in first aid and CPR and his first instinct was to keep the victim alive. He immediately provided first aid and CPR on Serhan. He gave chest compression to keep proper circulation of blood in his body. Some bystanders called the emergency numbers. After a few minutes Serhan became unconscious. The paramedics finally arrived and continued providing CPR on the victim and brought immediately to the hospital for further treatment. Kalala became unhappy when he heard Serhan is dead. I did everything to keep him alive. He sends his condolences to the family of Serhan.

After the incident the daughter of Kalala has been traumatized by the incident. She is only 3 years old. Kalala hopes the local and city officials work together to make this neighborhood a better place to live.

According to the police no arrest was made and has not yet identified the suspects.

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