2011 Changes to First Aid Courses. How to treat for Bleeding.

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The popular acronym for treating victims of deadly bleeding has been, for more than a decade, RED. Rest and Reassure, elevate and direct pressure. The acronym is simple to teach and understand, especially since the color of blood is RED. However, the acronym RED has been removed from the standards of first aid with the Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society. It has been replaced with just applying direct pressure and resting / reassuring the wound and the victim. The rationale for the removal of elevation from the treatment of deadly bleeding is that it is difficult to apply adequate pressure on an elevated limb, its more uncomfortable for the victim and can aggravate other injuries that the victim may have. Candidates in standard first aid and emergency first aid courses will no longer be taught about elevation when treating for deadly bleeding.

Furthermore, the application of a turniquet to deadly bleeding has also been removed from the curriculum of standard first aid and emergency first aid courses. The rationale behind this is that many rescuers who improperly tie a turniquet create more complications and decrease teh chances of survival for the victim and for the injured limb. Therefore, candidates are no longer taught to tie turniquets for victims of deadly bleeding.

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