5 Things to Remember When taking a Re-Certification Course

Every week Vancouver First Aid offers re-certification courses for all Red Cross programs in the Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond training centers. Many participants are surprised about a few requests and answers from the instructors. This page is designed to outline the 5 biggest surprises candidates will encounter when taking a Red Cross first aid or CPR re-certification course (register for a course here).

1. Bring your old certificate.

Instructors are required to see the previous certificate obtained by the candidate prior to being issued a new certificate. The previous certificate should be the original wallet sized certificate. The wall mount certificates hold no value so instructors should not accept those awards. The previous certificate should not be laminated (lamination makes it void) and should have no additional marks or scribbles on it. If you can not find your old reward contact your previous provider so that they can send you your previous certificate.

2. Don’t expect to leave early.

Many candidates first question when entering a re-certification course if they class will end early. Credible providers and instructors can not let candidate leave prior to the minimum time period regardless of the background of the students. The instructor can be held liable if he or she does not instruct for the minimum required time period. To view the approximate length of each course select the re-certification course of your choice from the main or side menu.

3. Don’t be irate over any CPR changes.

Many customers become irate and question the instructor as to why CPR changes occurred as some candidates can get frustrated over learning new CPR techniques. New changes are brought forth and recommended by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). This committee is the largest research group for CPR. The provide recommendations for all the CPR providers in order to increase chances of success. Candidates should embrace the changes as they will increase the chances of survival.

4. Don’t be surprised when the instructor challenges you.

Many candidates become frustrated when the instructors challenges the candidates or asks complicated questions for already difficult scenarios. All of the major providers recommend to the instructors to challenge the candidates as they should already be familiar with the basic concepts. The idea behind the re-certification is not only strengthen the knowledge of candidates but to also add to it.

5. Yes, you will likely have to take a exam.

Many participants that attend re-certification courses become frustrated when they realize they have to take a exam. Don’t get frustrated at the instructors, the exam is a mandatory requirement enforced by the providers. Don’t kill the messenger!

For more information about re-certification courses and programs visit the re-cert course of your choice listed in the main or side menu.

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