AED training with the Red Cross vs AED training with the Lifesaving Society.

Defibrillators dramitically increase the chances of survival for people who have heart complications. Both the Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society strongly promote the training of the use of AED’s. However, they both have different courses for candidates to take.

The Lifesaving Society involves an introduction to AED’s during any CPR training. However, on the candidate certificate it says nothing about receiving AED training. For example, if you take a CPR-C course your certificate will only say you are certified in CPR-C even though you have received some training in the use of AED’s. If you want an AED certificate, the Lifesaving Society offers two courses: AED provider and AED responder. Both courses teach candidates WHY AED’s are used and what they do. Check out an upcoming blog on the difference between AED responder and AED provider if you need more info.

The Red Cross does not have AED specific courses. However, for each CPR related course candidates receive training in the use of AED’s and the certificate will say you were trained in the use of AED’s. For instance, if you take an CPR-C class your certificate will say CPR-C and AED. The Red Cross, to keep things simple, does not promote the reasons how AED’s work but would rather you just put one it on. This is why the Red Cross does not have AED specific courses.

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