Avocado allergy: What are the indications?

An avocado allergy can trigger symptoms that are mild but there are instances in which some end up with a severe reaction. Food allergies should not be taken lightly. The body does not recognize the proteins in the food and the immune system switches to attack mode as it attempts to deal with the foreign particles.

What are the indications of avocado allergy?

Once an individual ingests avocado, the mouth will start to tingle and the lips become itchy. Direct handling of avocado can also trigger itchiness and possible reddening.

After consuming the fruit, the individual might end up with runny or water eyes and wheezing starts. Remember that these symptoms might manifest right away or several hours after. Additionally, as the allergen travels down the digestive tract, he/she might suffer from stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting.


Avocado allergy

After consuming the fruit, the individual might end up with runny or water eyes and wheezing starts.

If an individual ends up with a severe reaction to avocados, the throat will start to swell which makes it hard to breathe. Immediate medical care is required in such cases since it can progress to anaphylaxis.

Once an individual is diagnosed with avocado allergy, the doctor will provide a prescription for an injectable epinephrine. If exposed to the fruit, a shot can be given to counteract the symptoms. After a shot is given, bring the individual to the nearest emergency department for further treatment.

Possibility for cross-contamination

Eating anything that contains avocados or guacamole is likely to initiate a reaction but symptoms also arise from cross-contamination. Due to the risk for cross-contamination, it is important to be careful if others are preparing food for you.

Latex issues

For those who have latex allergy, they are more likely to be allergic to avocados. Almost half of individuals with latex allergy experience outbreaks not only from avocado, but also from bananas, tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, plums and passion fruit.


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