BCIT Nursing Students need CPR HCP certification.

Students enrolled in the BCIT Nursing program are required to have CPR level HCP or equivalent to enter and remain in the program. Health Care Provider (HCP) CPR certification can be optained via an 6 to 8 hour course by Vancouver First Aid Ltd. CPR HCP Re-certifications are also offered by Vancouver First Aid and take approximately 4 hours. Vancouver First Aid Ltd offers the highest level of standards as mandated by the Lifesaving Society, Red Cross and Heart and Stroke Foundation. Candidates can receive an award from any of these providers when earning certification from Vancouver First Aid.

Candidates in the CPR HCP course will learn the newest standards of CPR involving bag valve masks and pocket mask training. Participants will also learn to use AED’s for adult and child victims. CPR HCP certification is valid for one year from succesful completion of course. The BCIT nursing program does not accept online course certification and will only accept credible certificates from providers such as the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society.

Vancouver First Aid Ltd promises to never cancel a course or to limit the number of participants in any first aid or CPR course. Courses are offered for nurses at locations near BCIT at least twice a month. Register Today!


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