Bicycle Safety Tips You Should Know

The road isn’t that friendly for everyday pedal-pushers. Despite the many road safety precautions, bicycle accidents can still happen. Read these bicycle safety tips to help you stay safe while riding your bicycle on the road.

Bicycles are not just a wonderful pastime: they are healthy, environment-friendly, and a cheap mode of transportation. However, the combination of disastrous road design, overcrowded lanes and careless motorist behavior has turned bicycle-riding into a high-stakes lottery.

Every year, thousands of people are injured due to bicycle accidents – and sadly, the dismal trend is set to continue. While waiting for more long-term and concrete solutions, bicycle riders and enthusiasts must rely on their own wits to keep safe. Here are a few bicycle safety tips to ensure your life on the road.

1.Plan your ride

Before you head out, carefully plan your route. As much as possible, use smaller, less busy roads and won’t involve sharing roads with larger vehicles such as buses or trucks. Even if it means taking extra turns and mileage, you’ll be a lot safer. Make use of online maps or planners.

2.Beware of larger vehicles

Another simple bicycle safety tip is keeping a safe distance with big vehicles on the road. Keep another, smaller vehicle between you and the bigger vehicle and never undertake. Beware of truck blind spots. Remember that buses and trucks have massive blind spots. If you are not in hurry, just give way and let them go first.

3.Wear a helmet while riding your bicycle

Wearing a helmet can considerably reduce the chances of head and neck injuries arising from bicycle accidents. Be sure to use appropriate helmet size and design.

4.Be visible

Use reflective clothing during the day or warning lights at night. Establish eye contact with drivers, especially when you are crossing the road. It helps break down ‘windshield barrier.’

5.Free your ears of any distraction

first aid training room

first aid training room

On busy roads, bicycle riders need clear hearing as much as keen eyesight. Especially with oncoming traffic from behind, you’ll likely hear the danger first before you get to see it. Wearing earphones or headsets while on your bicycle is unwise. This bicycle safety tip can save you from potential collisions.

6.Be on the guard even on cycle lanes

Although many cities now have dedicated cycle lanes, don’t be too complacent. Majority of cycle lanes have cars parked on them. Be on the guard for oncoming traffic or pedestrian, especially in crossings.

7.Take first aid training courses

This is a very important bicycle safety tip. Taking a first aid training course is not only for your personal benefit but also for other cyclists. If someone gets injured, a cyclist would often be the first one on the scene.