Rickets is a condition affecting the bone development of children. It is defined by softening and weakening of the bones that can lead to deformities. The condition can trigger bone pain, deformities and poor growth of the skeleton such as spinal curvature, bowed legs and thickening of the wrists, ankles and knees. Children with the […]


Catarrh is defined as build-up of mucus in the airway or cavity of the body. Generally, it affects the rear of the nose, sinuses or the throat. In most cases, it is typically brief but some experience it for months or even years. The condition can be a nuisance and hard to get rid, but […]

Norovirus in children

Norovirus is considered as the most prevalent virus that causes gastroenteritis. It is known for causing outbreaks of vomiting and diarrhea among those in cruise ships but can also occur in daycare centers and schools. Among very young children, the norovirus can be dangerous. It is also the main cause of foodborne-ailments. What are the […]

Overview on cluster headaches

Cluster headaches can trigger intense episodes of pain in one side of the head, usually felt around the eye. This type of headache is considered rare. Any individual can experience an episode but likely to affect men and typically starts at the ages of 30s or 40s. What are the signs? Cluster headaches manifests abruptly […]

Amiodarone lung toxicity

Amiodarone is an effective medication that was created for management of cardiac arrhythmias. It is sad to note though that it is also a potentially toxic antiarrhythmic drug and can be a challenge to use safely. The usual side effects of amiodarone include corneal deposits, thyroid ailments, liver issues, photosensitivity and bluish discoloration of the […]

Sick sinus syndrome

Sick sinus syndrome is often an indication that there is a need for a pacemaker. When it comes to sick sinus syndrome, bradycardia is present due to disease of the sinus node and the reduced heart rate might be serious enough to trigger symptoms. Additionally, sick sinus syndrome is often escorted by incidents of atrial […]

Signs of an ACL tear

An ACL tear often occurs during sports. Generally, most cases occur without contact to another player. In most cases, when an individual abruptly changes direction, he/she might feel that the knee gives out under their weight. What are the usual signs of an ACL tear? Popping sound An individual with an ACL tear typically hears […]

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is defined as chronic inflammation of the lining of the large intestine. An individual with the condition have miniature ulcers and abscesses in the colon and rectum that manifest infrequently and result to blood-streaked stool as well as diarrhea. There are discontinuous stages of flare-ups and remission where the disease seems to have […]

Retinal vein occlusion

Retinal vein occlusion occurs if there is blockage since it could not empty blood from the retina. This results to bleeding and drainage of fluid form the obstructed blood vessels. Types of occlusion Central retinal vein – involves obstruction of the major retinal vein Branch retinal vein – there is blockage in one of the […]