Peanut allergy: Dealing with swollen lips

Peanut allergy is known to cause a variety of undesirable and dangerous symptoms. One of the potentially dangerous reactions is swollen lips, mouth and tongue. Once this occurs to an individual after eating peanut butter or any food, call for emergency assistance or bring the individual to the nearest emergency department. Close look on peanut […]

Dark chocolate: Am I allergic?

Dark chocolate might trigger symptoms in some highly sensitive individuals. An actual allergy to cocoa which is the main component in chocolate is considered clinically rare. The root cause might be the variety of ingredients present in chocolate products including the dark variants. Is it an allergic reaction or intolerance? When it comes to an […]

MRSA infection: What are the potential dangers?

MRSA infection or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus is a bacterial strain that can trigger serious infection. The main issue with MRSA is it is included in a group of multi-drug resistant organisms where commonly-used antibiotics are not effective in managing an infection. It is best to consult a doctor if an infection is suspected and uncertain […]

Probiotics: Is it a trigger for rashes?

Rashes that form after taking probiotics might be an indication of an allergic reaction. Since a rash is not a usual side effect of using probiotic supplements, a doctor should be consulted and discontinue use. The probiotic supplements might include dairy proteins that can instigate an allergic reaction among those with milk allergy. In rare […]