Can cycling trigger thigh pain?

Certain activities and medical conditions can trigger thigh pain including cycling. In most cases, the discomfort while cycling is not linked to any major medical conditions. Conditions such as cramps, chafing and generalized tiredness in the muscles can trigger pain. In case the thigh pain lasts longer after a bike ride or triggers intense pain, […]

Severe ear pain: Commonly used care measures

Ear pain is considered disruptive and annoying particularly at night or when trying to sleep. Various medical conditions can trigger an earache. The usual causes include sinus infections, swimmer’s ear, impacted ear wax and a sore throat. Even alterations in the altitude experienced while flying or driving in high areas can trigger ear pain. Luckily, […]

Overstretched arms: What are the common shoulder injuries?

Shoulder injuries are likely to occur if the arms are overly stretched. It is important to note that the muscles, tendons and ligaments might be lengthened beyond the normal range of motion, thus resulting to instability of the joint. The instability heightens the risk for shoulder injuries such as sprains, strains and dislocations. If an […]

Ideal remedies for middle ear pain

Most cases of middle ear pain are caused by inflammation or infection in the middle ear. Even though ear infections are common among children, adults can also develop an infection. The buildup of fluid within the ear can obstruct the Eustachian tubes and trigger pressure changes, ear pain and inflammation. Most individuals with acute ear […]

Tofu allergy

The symptoms of tofu allergy might arise after directly handling or ingesting the food. It is important to note that tofu is a good source of protein for vegetarians. It is produced by turning soybeans into soy milk and then turned into curds in the same process in which cheese is made from cow’s milk. […]