Dislocated wrist

A dislocated wrist might involve any of the carpal bones. The bones are secured in position and allowed to move by a network of ligaments. A tear in any of these ligaments can cause 2 or more carpal bones to be driven out of the normal position, resulting to a dislocated wrist. What are the […]

Hair splinter

A hair splinter or hair sliver occurs if a hair strand pierces via the upper skin layer. Most consider it as a minor injury, but it can be quite painful, especially if infection develops. It appears like other types of splinters caused by other material. In some instances, only a segment of the fiber is […]

Chickenpox in adults

Chickenpox can still develop among adults. The condition is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and characterized by a rash of itchy reddened blisters on the neck, face, body, legs and arms. Those who acquire the condition establish immunity. If an individual had the condition as a child, it is unlikely to develop one as an […]

Foreign object in the eye

A foreign object in the eye is likely to affect the conjunctiva or cornea. Any particle that lands on the anterior of the eye can scratch the cornea which is mostly minor. Nevertheless, there are some types of foreign materials that can trigger an infection or damage vision. What are the indications? If there is […]

Lacunar stroke

A lacunar stroke is a form of ischemic stroke that occurs if the flow of blood to one of the small arteries deep inside the brain is clogged. What are the signs? The indications of a stroke typically arise abruptly and without any warning. The usual signs of a lacunar stroke include: Inability to raise […]

Abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus that forms in various parts of the tooth due to a bacterial infection. It can cause moderate to intense pain that can radiate to the ear or neck. If not treated, an abscessed tooth can progress into a serious, dangerous condition. What are the signs? The characteristic […]

Post-cesarean wound infection

A post-cesarean wound infection usually develops after undergoing C-section. It is generally caused by a bacterial infection in the site of the surgical incision. What are the indications? For a cesarean delivery, it is vital to monitor the appearance of the wound and carefully follow the postoperative instructions given by the doctor. A doctor should […]

Anemia rash

An anemia rash might have various causes. It is important to note that certain forms of anemia can trigger the formation of rashes. Oftentimes, the rash is due to the condition itself but in some cases, it might be brought about by complications from treatment of the condition. Types of anemia rash Aplastic anemia – […]

Bruised face

A bruised face is characterized by build of blood leaking from damage blood vessels amidst the skin and muscle. Generally, a bruised face completely subsides within 2 weeks. As an initial response to the injury, the skin turns pink or reddish. After 1-2 days, the blood that accumulated at the site turns bluish or dark […]

Lisfranc fracture

A Lisfranc fracture arises if there are either ripped ligaments or broken bones in the midfoot section of one or both foot. The midfoot includes the Lisfranc joint and ligament, where both can be damaged. As a common foot injury, it ranges from minor to severe based on how the injury happened. What are the […]