Pronator teres syndrome

Pronator teres syndrome involves median nerve ensnarement in which it moves amidst the 2 regions of the pronator teres muscle comprising the arm. The condition triggers numbness, pain and tingling in the forearm and hand. The doctor will require specific tests to diagnose pronator teres syndrome such as resisted pronation and bending of the wrist. […]

Winged scapula

A winged scapula is basically an indication of another condition where the shoulder blade protrudes outwards at the back, instead of being flat against the rear of the chest wall. What are the indications? If an individual has a winged scapula, it is quite evident since the shoulder blades protrudes outwards to the back. It […]

Ruptured spleen

A ruptured spleen might occur after sustaining a direct strike to the left side of the back or stomach. This results to the tearing of the lining of the spleen and the tissues within. The spleen is in the upper far left side of the abdomen. It has a variety of roles in the body. […]

Cardiac chest pain

Cardiac chest pain among athletes can stem from various causes but heart issues must also be considered. It is important to note that cardiac chest pain among athletes can be triggered by a variety of conditions including muscle pain and referred pain from the thoracic spine. Even though the heart causes might not be suspected […]

Collapsed lung

A collapsed lung or pneumothorax occurs if there is accumulation of air in the area amidst the lungs and the rib cage. This space is called as the pleural space. There is pressure placed on the lung that it could not normally expand. A collapse lung typically occurs in only one side at a time. […]

Costovertebral joint sprain

A costovertebral joint sprain can occur after a traumatic injury to the neck or head. It is important to note that a dislocated vertebra involves displacement of one of the small-sized bones in the neck. What are the indications? Pain when the spine is moved, particularly side bending and twisting. Pain or discomfort is triggered […]