Bring A First Aid Kit In Your Car

The importance of having a car first aid kit can never be discounted. Read on to learn more about why you need to pack your car with appropriate first aid and emergency supplies.

So you got the key for your new car and you want to test it for road worthiness. Before you even think of driving your new car, make sure it has a well-stocked car first aid kit. Having a first aid kit in your car is very important. You might find yourself stuck in a heavy traffic or in a bad weather or in an automobile emergency. You will be grateful if you have packed some extra water and food, emergency medical supplies, warning devices, flashlight, and roadside flares, if you find yourself in such situations. If you did not stock emergency supplies in your trunk, you will definitely feel guilt.

Your car emergency kit should contain basic first aid supplies that include bandage, dressings, gloves, cloth tape, antibiotic ointment packets, antiseptic wipes, common OTC medicines (aspirin, acetaminophen, mefenamic acid), and a simple first aid manual. However, if you do not have time to make your own car first aid kit, you can choose to buy pre-packed car emergency kits. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with its contents so that you know what supplies you can use in specific emergency situations.

New drivers, especially teenagers, definitely need to have a car first aid kit in the trunk. Before you allow your teenager to drive the car, make sure he knows where to find the emergency kit. Go over some ground rules to prevent possible accidents. Besides following traffic rules and driving safely, the teenager should know how to respond in emergencies.

Introduce your child to the contents of the car emergency kit. Discuss and demonstrate to them how each item in the kit is used, and when they can be used. Given them pointers as to what needs to be done in case of emergencies on the road. Make sure your teenager knows where to find the first aid kit. It can certainly add to your peace of mind knowing that your teenager has first aid kit ready in his car.

Meanwhile, if you have young children and you allow a nanny to drive your children in places, you need to make sure that the automobile is well prepared for the unwanted events. Show to your nanny where the emergency kit is located. Be sure to place it in a place that is accessible to her in case of an emergency.

First Aid BagRegularly check your car first aid kit and emergency supplies. Food and water should be checked for possible expiration. Storing several bottled water is a must. Have signaling devices, and perhaps a disposable cellphone that can be used to activate emergency medical services. The first aid kit should have medical supplies that are adapted to the child’s age. Moreover, these supplies should allow your nanny to tender to minor injuries such as wounds, scratches or bruises. Of course, it would be helpful if you get a nanny who has completed first aid training course or a babysitting course.