Bruised lung: Are there any effects?

A bruised lung or pulmonary contusion is a usual complication that arises after sustaining a traumatic chest injury. The potentially dangerous effects of a bruised lung generally manifest over the initial 24 hours after the injury. Individuals who end up with any of the effects require immediate medical care.

Chest pain

An individual with a bruised lung might end up with sensations of chest pain. The seriousness of this discomfort can range from minor to severe, depending on the form of injury responsible for the bruising.

The pain might become severe during inhalation which occurs when the lungs expands to take in oxygen. If there is abrupt, intense chest pain, it might be an indication of a heart attack and requires immediate medical attention.


An individual with a bruised lung might end up with sensations of chest pain.

Difficulty breathing

Having a bruised lung makes it difficult for the respiratory organs to function normally. As an outcome, an individual with the injury will suffer from difficulty breathing.

There is also remarkably shallow or rapid breathing. In addition, wheezing which produces a perceivable high-pitched hissing sound can be heard during exhalation.

Coughing or spitting blood

Minor traces of blood can build up inside the lungs if the individual has a bruised lung. Once this occurs, the individual starts to cough up blood or large amounts of spit.

These effects can also manifest along with difficulty breathing or chest pain. If the individual coughs up blood for any reason, a doctor should be seen for further assessment as soon as possible.

Is cyanosis an effect of having a bruised lung?

A bruised lung might disrupt with the ability of the lungs to deliver oxygen throughout the body. If the body could not receive adequate oxygen, cyanosis can arise.

It is important to note that cyanosis is an effect that results to a bluish discoloration of the skin due to the low oxygen levels in the blood. The skin might also feel cool or clammy to the touch. Individuals who end up with cyanosis must see a doctor as soon as possible.

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