Can allergies develop during adulthood?

Those who have a childhood that is free from allergic reactions can also suffer from allergies upon reaching adulthood. It is possible that there are changes in which the individual is allergic to certain things that were previously loved. By being familiar with the symptoms of typical allergies as well as the causes, it can help prevent irritation or a severe case from occurring. Just like with any medical condition, once you suspect an adult-onset allergic reaction, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.


Individuals who are prone to severe allergic reactions always bring an EpiPen.

What are the causes of adult-onset allergies?

The allergic reactions that occur during adulthood can cover a wide range of reactions that spontaneously occur right after puberty. In some cases, these changes coincide with the hormonal changes but there are other cases where they occur without any reason. Always remember that adult-onset allergies are often linked with food but not all the time.

Pollen allergies

There are some allergies to pollen that can occur during adulthood which is due to changing locations. In some cases, the individual who has not been exposed to a particular pollen allergen do not have an in-built defense or resistance, thus resulting to an allergic reaction. The symptoms typically include swelling as well as itchiness of the mucus membranes in the throat, eyes, nose and mouth.

Food allergies

The most common allergy that develops among adults is caused by certain foods. Generally, the immune system of the body suddenly confused food as a threat to the body and overreacts to the presence. The food-based allergens include nuts, berries, wheat, legumes, milk and honey. Take note that these allergies can be life-threatening since they can manifest between one meal and the next, progressively becoming worse and can often result to anaphylaxis which can be fatal.

Allergies to certain materials

There are some materials such as latex that can trigger an allergic reaction during adulthood. Latex is basically a rubber-based material that is used in condoms and examination gloves. The allergic reactions to latex typically include mild to moderate rashes, itchiness and other skin reactions. In some cases, the reaction can be severe that it results to anaphylaxis. Other materials that can trigger an allergic reaction include rosin, nickel, thiuram and certain antioxidants utilized in creams and lotions.

How to prevent allergies

There is no prevention of allergies that are spontaneously generated but once these allergies manifest, it is possible to reduce their effects. In case of an adult-onset pollen allergy, the basic first aid measure is to provide over-the-counter or prescriptions medications for allergy. An epinephrine shot can be given to help counteract the symptoms of the allergy.

As for allergies triggered by exposure to food and certain materials, it is advised to avoid these products that contain the allergen. When it comes to peanut allergies, the individual must avoid eating peanuts and peanut-based products.