Can boiled peanuts deal with peanut allergy?

The number of individuals with peanut allergy has drastically increased throughout the years. Remember that severe, fatal allergic reactions to peanuts are common among those with the allergy and known to cause death.

In studies conducted, it is believed that the low rate of peanut allergy in some countries might be connected on how the peanuts were processed. Peanuts are commonly dry roasted but in some countries, peanuts are fried, boiled or even pickled. The various forms of processing can alter how the body reacts to the peanut allergen.

Changes caused by processing and cooking

It is important to note that there are three main peanut allergens – Ara h 1, Ara h 2 and Ara h 3. Individuals with peanut allergy are allergic to Ara h 2, particularly those who have the severe form of the allergy. It is evident that the main peanut allergens are transformed on how the peanuts were treated when likened to raw peanuts.


Fatal allergic reactions to peanuts are common among those with the allergy and known to cause death.

The roasting of peanuts improves how the IgE antibodies respond to Ara h 2. This is why those who live in the U.S. have common and severe allergic reactions to peanuts. Alternatively, peanuts that are roasted are hardly eaten in other countries. Peanuts are boiled, pickled or fried which seems to diminish the ability of Ara H 2 to act as an allergen.

Is there a cure for peanut allergy?

Even today, there is no cure for peanut allergy. In some studies conducted, it focused on the use of oral immunotherapy in managing peanut allergy. During the studies, it involves giving increasing amounts of peanut flour to swallow on a daily basis for a time frame of weeks to months. After this period, an oral challenge to peanut is performed to determine how much peanut the individual can tolerate without triggering an allergic reaction.

Can boiled peanuts cure the allergy?

It is possible since previous studies reveal that via extensive heating, certain foods such as egg and milk lose their capability to trigger allergic reactions. Individuals with egg or milk allergy can tolerate these foods if they were heated extensively. When lengthily heated milk or egg is frequently eaten by those who have allergy, there is likelihood that they will outgrow the allergy and at an earlier age.

In a recent study, the same was done among those who have peanut allergy. The children were given boiled peanuts in increasing amounts to eat on a daily basis over a span of several months. After a time frame of several months, some of the children were able to eat raw peanuts. Take note that the reduced amount of Ara h 2 can lead to the development of oral tolerance. Even though further studies are required, the consumption of boiled peanuts could be the basis in finding the treatment for peanut allergy.


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