Carpal tunnel syndrome: Can it be treated with cortisone shots?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by numbness, pain, and tingling sensation of the hand and fingers. The exact cause for the condition is irritation to one of the big nerves as it travels via the wrist joint. The management of carpal tunnel syndrome usually depends on the type and duration of the symptoms.

Close look on cortisone shots

Cortisone shots have been utilized as a form of treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Based on the latest studies, it was discovered that the effects of the injections for the condition are as good as surgery for the initial several months after a shot is given.

This is considered heartening since carpal tunnel syndrome is a usual issue and finding the appropriate treatment can be a hard task. The cortisone shots are not difficult to administer and even though there are possible side effects, they are essentially safer than the surgical approach.

Diagnostic tool

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The management of carpal tunnel syndrome usually depends on the type and duration of the symptoms.

The cortisone shots are highly effective for carpal tunnel syndrome in a few scenarios. Initially, the injections are often effective if temporary treatment is needed. Some individuals develop the condition due to reasons that are likely to resolve after some time. In such cases, alleviating the symptoms might help resolve the underlying issue.

Second, an issue regarding the cause of numbness can persist even after testing and examinations were carried out. In such circumstances, an injection can be carried out to aid with the diagnosis for proper treatment. If the symptoms are alleviated by the shots, the procedure can help confirm the presence of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a step that the doctor might recommend if the cause of the symptoms is not quite evident.

Are cortisone shots truly effective?

The cortisone shots are effective in managing carpal tunnel syndrome, but not the perfect treatment. There are cases in which the pressure on the median nerve is substantial and might require immediate relief that can be provided by carpal tunnel surgery.

In mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome in which the condition will resolve in no time and only momentary relief is needed or cases in which a diagnosis is unclear, administering cortisone can be effective in dealing with the condition.



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