Clicking noises on the wrists

It is important to note that the wrist can produce clicking noises for various reasons. Arthritis, injuries or instability of the wrist are the common causes of clicking noises once the wrist is moved. The clicking noises might not be serious or it can require surgery in order to correct the issue. By consulting a doctor, the exact cause of the clicking noise can be determined and the appropriate course of treatment can be started.

Being prepared to handle the condition is possible by enrolling in a first aid course today. In doing so, you can provide the appropriate measures for relief once the individual experiences clicking noises in the wrists.


Injuries on the ligaments have been the common cause for the clicking noises in the wrist. Once the ligaments are torn or completely severed, the bones in the wrist has the tendency to rub against each other, resulting to the clicking noise once the wrists are moved. Another notable characteristic of an injury to the ligament is extreme pain. In such cases, a torn or damaged ligament is treated by placing the wrist in a splint or cast or surgically repairing the ligament that is damaged.

Clicking noises in wrist

Injuries on the ligaments have been the common cause for the clicking noises in the wrist.

Instability of the wrist

Any injuries or congenital disfigurements involving the wrist can cause the bones in the wrist to fail to line up properly which can eventually lead to rubbing and the production of the clicking noise. The treatment for this instability usually depends on the bones that are affected and whether the range of motion of the individual is also affected. Nevertheless, surgery that aims to correct the alignment of the bones is the conventional mode of treatment, particularly in cases where it causes a lot of pain or the ability of the individual to move his/her wrists is limited due to the issue.


Degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis can affect many individuals as they start to age. Once the cartilage responsible for protecting the ends of the bones between the wrists eventually wear down over time, the wrist will start to produce clicking noises when they are moved.

Always bear in mind that there is no cure for osteoarthritis but anti-inflammatory medications and steroids can be given in order to minimize the pain and swelling in the wrists. As for severe cases, the doctor will recommend surgery in order to reconstruct the wrist.

When to consult a doctor

In case the wrist is producing clicking noises, it is best to consult a doctor for proper assessment or evaluation. The wrist might not require treatment especially if the clicking is not accompanied by swelling, pain or problems in moving the wrist. Nevertheless, if the individual develops difficulty moving the wrist, swelling or pain, consulting a doctor as soon as possible is a must. In some cases such as injuries on the ligaments, it can be easier to manage if detected early.