Close look on raccoon eyes

Raccoon eyes is characterized as bruising around both eyes. The bruising appears as darkened patches around the eyes that are distinctive of raccoons. This is an indication of a serious ailment linked to a brain or skull injury. Immediate diagnosis is vital in lowering the risk for complications.

What are the causes?

Raccoon eyes is typically caused by a basal skull fracture. The basal region of the skull is in the base part where the brain rests. Once a fracture occurs, signs such as raccoon eyes might arise. The injury can occur from falls, vehicular accidents, sports injuries and other forms of head trauma.

Remember that raccoon eyes might not arise right after an injury. If swelling of the head or face lingers for a couple of days, it might manifest soon.


The indications of raccoon eyes include bruising which is mainly visible around the eyes.

What are the signs?

The indications of raccoon eyes include bruising which is mainly visible around the eyes. The bruising and the adjacent areas are not usually tender or sore, unless caused by facial fractures.

The bruises vary in color from red to purple or blue or black. In most cases, they are often large that they radiate beyond the eyes up to the temples, cheeks and even the forehead.

Other physical signs of raccoon eyes and associated skull fracture include bruising behind the ears which is called as battle’s sign.

Management of raccoon eyes

Since a basal skull fracture is the usual cause of raccoon eyes, treatment is not frequently required. Generally, most fractures of this nature recuperate without requiring any intervention.

The doctor will treat other complications if they manifest. In some cases, cosmetic surgery might be an option if the individual is worried about any deformities.

If there is leakage of the cerebrospinal fluid, surgery is necessary. Other complications such as an aneurysm or meningitis require monitoring and follow-up appointments to ensure that they do not worsen.



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