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For several years now, many rumours have circulated that the next round of changes to CPR would involve compression only CPR. At the beginning of 2011 changes started to take place in CPR standards. The Lifesaving Society has already completed its round of changes and the Red Cross and Heart and Stroke Foundation are slowly following. However, the much anticipated change towards compression only CPR hasn’t really happened.

The long list of potential benefits to compression only CPR is what has fueled the rumours of a future CPR which is compression only. Compression only CPR  promotes the passage of air in and out of the lungs with every compression. But the most drastic benefit to compression only CPR is that it makes CPR even easier. No more breaths or attempting to ventilate, just straight to compressions. The scary part to a lot of the providers is that it would change the simplicity of CPR, which is as easy as A-B-C, and remove the acronym ABC which has made CPR so simple and popular. It is this acronym that has made CPR so easy to learn for the past few decades. With compression only CPR, A-B-C would dissapear.

Fortunately for the A-B-C acronym, CPR hasn’t made that drastic change to compression only. However, so far, the Lifesaving Society has allowed the introduction of compression only CPR. The Lifesaving Society states

“Instructors can inform candidates that Hands-Only CPR would be appropriate if they do not have access to a pocket mask and are uncomfortable with direct mouth to mouth contact.”

In other words, if you witness somebody collapse and you are not comfortable doing mouth to mouth on the victim you can do compressions only. This will hopefully remove some hesiitation from people from doing CPR. Hopefully, the remaining providers still looking changing its standards will include such a rule for its candidates.

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