CPR given to snowboarder in Whistler backcountry

A 30-year old man was given CPR after snowboarding outside of the skin area in Whistler. Sadly, the man was killed.

Dangers in the backcountry

The Whistler resident was found facing down and buried in snow in the heavily forested area which was known to locals as the “Khyber Pass”. He was found by a group of passing skiers who dug him out of the snow and starting CPR.

Vancouver first aid

The immediate delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is vital during emergencies.

The police, ski patrol and search and rescue workers were notified and located the victim an hour later. The members of the Whistler Ski Patrol continued with CPR but were unable to resuscitate the snowboarder.

According to RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair, the victim has been snowboarding with a group of friends but they were separated as they made their way through the trees. His friends were waiting for him further down the mountain.

The police believe the snowboarder fell into a hole created by fallen trees and suffocated in the deep snow. The identity of the victim is not released until the next of kin are notified, but LeClair stated that he was originally from outside of B.C.

Immediate action to save a life

The immediate delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is vital during emergencies. It is a life-saving skill that improves the chances of survival. You can be prepared by enrolling in a first aid course today.

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