CPR Lesson Plan for CPR A and CPR C.

CPR A and CPR C Lesson with Vancouver First Aid Ltd.

Divide The Class into Appropriate Groups.

Activity 1 (20 minutes)

Divide Class into Groups

1 – Presentation on Red Cross – What is it? What do they do?

2 – Anatomy – Draw us the Human Body and What does the Brain, Heart and Lungs do?

3 – How do you do CPR?

4 – What Does CPR do?

5 – When to stop CPR or not do it at all.

*Team name for each group written on top of Flipchart

*They have to present there flipchart to the class (1 Vanna White, 1 Pat Sayjak)


Activity 2

Adult Basic CPR– Non Breathing – Unconscious

(a)Demo CPR on a Adult (1 minute)

(b)Describe Each Step (5 minutes)

(c) As a group have them each do the CPR on a manikin

(d) Have them each go at there own pace

-Stop them when they are going over the CPR and time the compressions (compression only – for 1 minute)

-Go over details of compressions.


Activity 3

Divide class into as many groups as instructors.

Each group gets on manikin to do Basic CPR on

1st person from each group does step 1, 2nd person does step 1 and 2, 3rd person does step 1, 2 and 3, etc…

For each mistake the group needs to start again.


 Activity 4

Unconscous Obstructed Airway

(a)Demo CPR on a Adult (1 minute)

(b)Describe Each Step (5 minutes)

(c) As a group have them each do the CPR on a manikin

*Really drill into them that the only difference is hook and look after 30 chest compression’s.


Activity 5Child CPR (CPR-B)

Difference Between Adult and Child

Explain to the class the differences / or lack of, between adult and child.

Show them the options of one or two hands and have them try.

Have them DO CPR for a child.


Activity 6. – Protective Equipment

Explain to the class the precautions and why use gloves and pocket mask

Hand each participant a pocket mask and Demo, Describe, Do CPR with a pocket mask.


 Activity 7. – AED’s

Divide the class into groups of 3.

Hand each group an AED and have them attempt to make it part of there CPR process. Also, have them attempt to CPR with more than one trained rescuer. *Have them do CPR for a while before introducing the AED.

After they have had a try DISCOVERING how to use an AED, Demo, Describe, Do.


Activity 8. – Choking Victims – Conscious.

Outline a fun story that leads to choking.

Demo, Describe Do.

*Explain the top choking hazards (Grapes, Hot Dogs (sausages), etc.)

*Explain how to treat for complications for Choking Hazards.

Lead into Choking Victims – Unconscious.

-Start with 9.1.1 and hook and look.


Activity 9.  – Choking Victims – Conscious to Unconscious.

Have the class pair up and teach this portion to the other classmate and receive feedback. If they can teach it, then they know it. Give them 10 minutes to teach and give feedback.


Activity 10. – Complications

Recovery Position – Demo, Describe, Do.

Vomitting – Demo, Describe, Do.

Regurgitation – Demo, Describe, Do.


Activity 11 – Differences between Child and Infant unconscious, conscious obstructed and unconscious obstructed.

Demo Describe and Do.


Activity 12 – Follow Activity 3 for Infant Choking. Start again if there are any errors.


Activity 13 – Pocket Masks for infants.


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