Difference between Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid courses.

Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid are very similar, but different first aid courses. Emergency First Aid is a 8 hour course, typically offered within one day. The CPR training is at its most basic, with a CPR-A certification included in the course. The key topics in the Emergency First Aid Course are as follows:

  • -Respiratory Emergencies
  • -Shock
  • -Heart Attack and Angina
  • -External Bleeding
  • -Stroke and TIA’s

The Emergency First Aid course has other criteria in the course outline but the list outlines the main topics. Standard First Aid courses include all of the same course concepts as Emergency First Aid but include more advanced CPR training with a CPR-C portion involved in the course. Including all of the Emergency First Aid items, Standard First Aid involves:

  • -Environmental Emergencies
  • -Suspected Spinal Injuries
  • -Bone or Joint Injuries
  • -Burns
  • -Abdominal and Chest Injuries
  • -Facial Injuries
  • -Seizures
  • -Diabetes
  • -Poisoning.

The Standard First Aid course is twice as long with a course length of approximately 16 hours. Standard First Aid is the most extensive first aid course offered by the Lifesaving Society and the Red Cross.

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