Does your first aid kit need help?

In the past, first aid kits were not given enough importance by businesses and organizations. A kit was comprised of a packet of Band Aid plasters, alcohol, bandages and an antiseptic cream. At the present, all businesses regardless of how big or small are required to comply with the first aid requirements. Small businesses that have less than 25 workers are no longer exempted from this requirement.

First aid regulations

All businesses both small and large-scale are required to comply with the following:

  • Guarantee the provision of first aid equipment and facilities for the workplace
  • Ensure that every personnel has access to the equipment and facilities for proper administration of first aid
  • Ensure enough number of workers are trained to deliver first aid or the personnel have access to staff who are trained individuals

To be more specific, businesses and organizations are required to:

  • Offer first aid facilities adequate for timely treatment of injuries that might arise
  • Guarantee that the first aid kits are properly maintained and the contents are well-stocked when needed
  • Ensure that the first aid kits are checked regularly to make sure that the contents have not deteriorated or expired
  • Make sure that the first aid kits are positioned at points convenient to the workforce and where there is a risk for injuries
  • Supply at least one first aid kit on every floor or a multi-level workplace
  • Vehicles used in the company must have a vehicle first aid kit all the time

Always bear in mind that the delivery of first aid would require businesses or organizations to take into consideration all pertinent matters including:

  • Possible hazards in the workplace
  • Nature of the work undertaken
  • Size and location of the work area
  • Number of workers at the work area

The nature of work undertaken is an essential factor in determining the suitable number of first aid kits as well as the trained first aid providers. Businesses that handle hazardous materials need more kits and providers than offices that have the same number of workers. The nature of work along with the potential hazards can influence the contents of the first aid kit.

Contents of the first aid kit

first aid kit

Sterile dressings that have treatments have expiration dates.

The best way to determine the contents of your first aid kit is to determine the type of injuries that occur frequently. Perform a new risk assessment. If burns are the highest, it is best to include additional burn packets on the kits. Aside from consulting the personnel, it is also important to consider the following:

  • Layout and size of the workplace
  • Proximity to health care facilities
  • Suitable locations for the first aid kits
  • If there are workers who work off the site
  • Any additional materials that might be needed
  • Provisions suitable for the offsite workers
  • If there is a trained first aid provider on site

Expiration date of the contents in your first aid kit

Even bandages have an expiry date, especially the sterile dressing and those that have certain treatments or additives such as coagulating or antiseptic agents. For the standard Band Aid plasters, the adhesive can eventually get old. Remember that not all will expire at the same time, thus you have to list the contents and expiry dates to be alert.