Eye infection: What are the suitable home remedies?

An eye infection is known to occur among individuals of all ages which trigger symptoms such as irritation, redness, drainage, itchiness and swollen lids. Once an individual shows severe symptoms of an eye infection, medicated eye drops might be needed to reduce the discomfort as well as promote healing.

In most cases, an eye infection typically heals on its own, but this might take up to a week or more. During this period, there are simple home remedies that can be performed to relieve the symptoms as well as promote the healing process.

Application of a warm compress

A warm compress can be used to manage an eye infection due to bacteria or virus such as the common cold. All you have to do is use a towel or washcloth that is soaked in warm water and wring out the excess before applying on the affected eye. Position the towel or washcloth against the closed eyelid for about 5 minutes. The application of the warm compress can be repeated 3-4 times throughout the day to provide comfort to the individual.

Eye infection

In some circumstances, a cold compress can provide more relief than heat.

An eye infection can also trigger drainage of a thick discharge that dries up on the eyelashes during the night. As a result, the individual finds it hard to open his/her eyes upon waking up in the morning. You can apply a warm compress on the affected eye to loosen up the dried discharge so that they are removed from the eyelashes and surrounding lids.

Using a cold compress for an eye infection

In some circumstances, a cold compress can provide more relief than heat. This is true in cases in which the eye infection was triggered by an allergic reaction. Simply moisten a towel or washcloth with cool water and apply over the affected eye. This is also beneficial in relieving the itchiness.

Eye drops

There are several over-the-counter artificial tears that can be used. These work by relieving the surface discomfort due to an eye infection. Remember that these eye drops do not contain any medications, but the lubricating property works by coating the affected eye and provide a certain degree of relief until the infection subsides.

Other forms of over-the-counter eye drops such as those that deal with redness might only cause further irritation if used. If a medicated eye drop is considered, it is best to set an appointment with a doctor so that the right one can be prescribed as well as avoid any further issues.




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