First Aid and CPR: Common Questions and Answers.

How long is my CPR certification valid for?
It is dependant on what provider you received your certification from. Red Cross courses offer certification which is valid for 3 years. However, you should check with your employer, because, they set what the recertification time period is.

Can I get a Red Cross or Lifesaving Society recertification eventhough I didn’t originally get my certification from them?
Yes, you can. As long as you received your certification from a credible provider and you have your previous certification card with the date of certification on it you can. You are eligible for both CPR and first aid re-certification training.

How long can it be before I have to retake the entire  first aid or CPR course?
It depends on the provider, but the general rule is that you have 5 years from the last certification course you took to recertify. After that, you will likely have to redo the entire course.

What is Basic Life Support First Aid?
It is the equivalent of Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid.

What is Basic Life Support CPR?
This is the equivalent of CPR level A or CPR level C.

What CPR of First Aid course should I take?
It really depends on the program you want to get into. Check with your school or your employer.

What is AED training?
AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. Training to use an AED has become mandatory for all Red Cross and Lifesaving Society Providers. An AED increases the chances of revival during CPR by as much as 4 times. Every CPR or First Aid course offered by Vancouver First Aid offers AED training.

What should I wear to my first aid or CPR course?
Wear comfortable clothing. You are going to be moving around quite a bit and you want to be comfortable.

How are you different from St. Johns Ambulance?
We aren’t, we offer the same equivalent courses.

Do you ever cancel a first aid or CPR course or renewal course?
Never, we promise to offer to never cancel any course.

How can I pay for my course?
Visa, cash, paypal or credit card. We promise to remain flexible and as convenient as possible to our customers.

When will my certification be mailed to me?
The certification card will be mailed to you within two months of the course. You will be issued a temporary card in the meantime.

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