First Aid courses for BCRPA and Fitness Leaders.

BCRPA and fitness leaders are required to have first aid certification. This includes fitness instructors such as Yoga instructors. Dependent on the employer, the first aid certification is valid either the length of the certification (up to 3 years if with the Red Cross) or needs to be recertified yearly. The City of Vancouver requires its fitness employees to recertify there CPR annually and their First Aid every 2 years.

The minimum requirement is an 8 hour course of Emergency First Aid with a minimum CPR-A. It is recommended and, in some cases mandatory, for fitness leaders to have a 16 hour course of Standard First Aid. Standard First Aid has a CPR-C component included in the course.

BCRPA requires candidates to have First Aid and CPR certifications from either the Red Cross, St John’s ambulance, Canadian Ski Patrol, the Lifesaving Society or the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Online first aid and CPR courses are not accepted by the BCRPA.

Vancouver First Aid offers SFA and EFA courses and recertifications throughout the Lower Mainland including: Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and Vancouver.


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