First Aid Courses for New Parents.

Vancouver First Aid offers a number of different first aid and CPR training. New parents should consider taking an infant first aid course to prepare themselves to handle almost any situation with a new born or a young child. Three first aid courses offer comprehensive knowledge, including CPR, for emergencies with children and infants. Standard First Aid is the most comprehensive course which prepares parents by teaching CPR for adults, children and infants including complications such as choking and a wide range of first aid emergencies including allergic reactions, stings and seizures. Childcare first aid is not as comprehensive as standard first aid, however, it covers CPR for infants and children and covers a substantial range of first aid emergencies pertaining to children and infants. Both standard first aid and childcare first aid are excellent courses that we recommend new parents take. Both courses are affiliated with the Red Cross and successful course candidates receive Red Cross certification cards which are valid for up to three years. If new parents are looking to learn only CPR we recommend CPR level C which includes CPR on infants and children. CPR level C is included in both standard first aid and Childcare first aid. For more information about registration or course information select the childcare first aid, CPR-C or standard first aid course in the nearby menu bars.

Vancouver First Aid is also proud to offer an exclusive infant CPR course. In this course, the instructor will come to you and teach you a private lesson in infant CPR. To register check out our infant CPR page. Instructors are available to teach a private course for you or your family on almost any day of the week at almost any time. Instructors will cover the basic skills for CPR and first aid for your infant. Registration is cheap and courses are incredibly convenient.

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