Babysitting Courses

This Babysitting course is designed to teach youth to be prepared to handle the responsibilities of being a babysitter. Candidates will learn important tasks such as: how to feed a baby, change a diaper, prepare a simple meal, play games with children of all ages, prevent injuries and handle emergencies if one happens. This babysitting course will build confidence in what is likely an adolescents first job. Other important tips candidates will learn include:

  • Coping with common problems such as tantrums and crying.
  • How to handle situations that make the babysitter uncomfortable.
  • Great games and other ideas for having fun with kids.
  • How to keep the children safe .
  • Rights and responsibilities as a babysitter and the family hiring one.

This babysitting class will teach candidates what to do in case of an emergencies. Candidates will learn the skills to handle problems such as:

  • Choking
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Poisoning
  • Burns
  • Fire Emergencies
  • And Many more

Vancouver First Aid Ltd. guarantees an certified St Mark James instructor that is certified to teach first aid and CPR courses. Our courses and instructors adapt the class to meet the learning methods of each candidate. Babysitting classes are fun, enjoyable and build confidence in each candidate.

The prerequisite for this course is: Candidates must be a minimum age of 11.

Certification: Candidates will receive a babysitting course manual and a certificate of completion.

Course Cost: 55.00

Course Length: 8 Hours

Considerations: Please pack a lunch and wear comfortable clothing.

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