First aid for muriatic acid burns

It is a known fact that muriatic acid is a strong and highly corrosive acid. If you are using the chemical, it is important to wear protective clothing and eye protection gear. Once muriatic acid comes in contact with the skin, it can cause a burn that requires immediate medical care. Initially, there are first aid measures that you can perform if an individual gets in contact with muriatic acid.

Home care for muriatic acid burns

muriatic acid

If the acid gets in contact with the skin, the first aid measure is to wash the affected area with cool water for at least 15 minutes.

Since muriatic acid is considered as one of the strongest acids, it is vital that exposure of the eyes, mouth, nose or skin must be taken care of. If the acid gets in contact with the skin, the first aid measure is to wash the affected area with cool water for at least 15 minutes. Do not use cold water or ice since it can cause a drop in the body temperature that can disrupt the healing process. Remove contaminated clothing and jewelry as well. In case the individual experiences persistent burning after the initial washing, you have to wash again the area with water for another 20 minutes.

If muriatic acid has been swallowed, you can soothe the burn with milk. If the patient is unconscious or vomiting, do not give milk or water. Do not induce the individual to vomit.  When the fumes of the chemical are inhaled, transfer the individual to an area with fresh air.

Medical care in the hospital

Once the individual shows signs of shock, burn is wide and painful, eye gets in contact with the chemical or a burn occurs over a major joint, it is important to take the individual directly to the hospital.  In the hospital, the vital signs will be monitored to ensure that the individual is stable and irrigation will be performed.

Wide wounds would require replacement of fluids via IV. In case the chemical was inhaled or swallowed, oxygen replacement and a breathing tube might be required. For severe pain, medications for pain can be given. The vaccinations of the individual will be checked since burns can put the individual at high risk for tetanus.

Important considerations when dealing with muriatic acid burns

If an individual drinks or inhales large amounts or highly concentrated muriatic acid, it can be lethal. The timely delivery of the first aid measures and treatments can determine the chances of recovery for the individual.

Minor muriatic acid burns can be easily treated at home. Just observe for signs of infection such as fever, swelling, drainage of pus, changes in color and redness. In case infection is suspected, you have to seek medical care right away. Avoid applying any topical ointment on the wound since it might trigger infection.

Once muriatic acid is used, whether in the manufacturing industry or for home use, it is important the appropriate protective gear and equipment are used. Proper handling must also be observed when using the chemical in order to prevent any contact with the skin.