First aid: How to provide care without a first aid kit

There are instances when first aid is required during emergencies but a first aid kit is not available. You can still deliver the appropriate measures even without one. In case you are faced with an emergency without a kit, there are measures that you have to be familiar with.

Hand washing

Always remember that when providing first aid during emergencies, your hands should be clean. Even if gloves are worn which are not available if a first aid kit is not on hand, your hands should be clean.

Take note that any damage on the skin such as wounds or burns puts the individual at risk for infection. In case you do not have a way to wash your hands, you can utilize an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Cleaning wounds using plain tap water

Using plain water works equally as any commercial disinfectant. Take note that any soap can actually eliminate germs even if it is not labelled as “antibacterial”. Once the wound has been thoroughly cleaned, not all cases should be covered so that they can heal.

Control the bleeding using a clean cloth

First aid kit

When it comes to bleeding, you do not need a special bandage. You can utilize a clean towel or washcloth.

When it comes to bleeding, you do not need a special bandage. You can utilize a clean towel or washcloth. In case of severe bleeding, it is vital to apply pressure on the wound.

Once the bleeding stops and has been cleaned, you can leave it open. In case you want to dress the wound and a bandage is not available, you can use a diaper or sanitary napkin.

Using a cardboard as a splint for a broken bone

Cardboard is rigid and stiff and can be used as a splint. You can utilize a cardboard splint out from any box especially those that are used for archiving files in offices.

Using a pillow as a splint for a broken ankle

If the feet and ankles are injured, you can provide a splint by simply wrapping a pillow around the affected foot and securing in place with a durable tape specifically duct tape.

When to call for emergency assistance

Take note that there are 2 forms of first aid – minor injuries can be handled on your own and life-threatening emergencies that require professional help. One essential tool is a telephone for life-threatening emergencies.

When calling for emergency assistance, you have to stay calm and expect a lot of questions. If using a mobile phone, make sure you will provide information of your location to the operator.

When to perform CPR

CPR is one of the basic first aid measures that you can perform. There has been a lot of evidence that performing chest compressions is enough without mouth-to-mouth anymore for adults who suddenly collapse from cardiac arrest. In such cases, a CPR mask is no longer needed. As for infant and child CPR, it still requires mouth-to-mouth.



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