First Aid Myth – Hypothermia

Hypothermia is a potentially fatal first aid situation. Hypothermia occurs when the human body is in a cold environment for a prolonged period of time. We have all felt some form of hypothermia, especially if we have ever been in a snow ball fight. Dependant on the severity, the best first aid treatment for Hypothermia is to warm up the body, starting with the core, slowly. There are many methods. However, one popular myth is to warm up the body by getting naked with the victim and zippering up together in a sleeping bag or just huddling underneath sheets naked. Unfortunately, the cold hypothermic victim is at risk of placing the rescuer into Hypothermia. Furthermore, the removal of clothes, unless wet, is also not recommended. If its just you and a friend, stay close and keep your clothes on. Getting naked and huddling with somebody to relieve hypothermia is just a popular first aid myth! For more information on treating hypothermia take a Standard First Aid Course.