Football injuries

Football is one of the popular sports that are favored by young athletes all over the globe. Due to the high-intensity nature of this sport, football injuries are likely to occur throughout the year.

Common injuries in football

The football injuries that occur during the competition or practice are due to the combination of full contact and high speeds. Even though overuse injuries can occur, traumatic injuries such as concussions are quite common.

The force applied to either resisting being brought to the ground or bringing an opponent to the ground makes players prone to football injuries on any part of the body regardless of the protective equipment used.

Traumatic injuries

Football injuries involving the knee are quite common particularly those to the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament as well as the menisci. These knee injuries can drastically affect the performance of the individual. Players also face the highest risk for ankle sprains due to the surfaces being played on as well as cutting movements.

Shoulder injuries are also common and the labrum is highly prone to injury particularly in defensive and offensive players. Additionally, injuries to the acromioclavicular joint can occur.

Golf injuries

Heat injuries have an issue for concern among young players, especially at the start of training.


Among football injuries, concussions are quite common. This injury can cause a change in the mental state due to the traumatic impact. Remember that not all who sustained a concussion will lose consciousness.

Some indications that an individual has a concussion include dizziness, headache, drowsiness, loss of balance, numbness or tingling, blurred vision and difficulty concentrating.

Overuse injuries

Back pain in general is a common issue among football players due to overuse. Always bear in mind that overuse can also result to overtraining syndrome in which a player trains beyond the capability of the body to recover.

Patellar tendinitis is also a common issue among football players and usually managed with a strengthening program that focuses on the quadriceps.

Heat injuries

Heat injuries have an issue for concern among young players, especially at the start of training. Engaging in intense physical activity can result to excessive sweating that depletes the body of water and salt.

The initial symptoms include sore cramping of the major muscle groups. Nevertheless, if not treated with cooling measures and fluid replacement, it can progress to heat exhaustion and eventually heat stroke that can lead to death. Football players must be well aware of the need for fluid replacement.

Prevention of football injuries

  • Players should undergo pre-season health and wellness assessment.
  • It is vital to perform proper warm-up and cooling down exercises
  • Strength training and stretching should always be included in the training routine
  • Proper hydration must be maintained to ensure health and minimize the occurrence of cramps
  • Always use properly fitting protective equipment such as pads, helmets and a mouth guard


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