Herniated cervical disc: What are the aggravating activities?

A herniated cervical disc can trigger numbness, pain, weakness or tingling that can originate in the neck and radiate into the arms and hands.

The injury occurs if a small fibrous region that cushions amidst the vertebrae is driven out of alignment and crushes the spinal cord or spinal nerves. The conservative treatment measures are ideally used to manage a herniated cervical disc. Faster recovery of the individual can be promoted by avoiding certain activities.

Poor posture

Poor posture must be avoided to prevent worsening a herniated cervical disc. Remember that poor posture prevents the neck from maintaining a correct alignment to enable the injury to heal. Additionally, it can worsen the injury and heighten the risk for another herniation.


Even though light stretching of the neck can provide some benefit, avoid overly stretching the neck.

The individual should try to stand up and sit straight particularly when driving or working in front of a computer.

Contact sports

Contact sports must be avoided such as basketball, football, karate, rugby and boxing. These sports put the neck at risk for impact that can aggravate the alignment of the cervical spine and worsen the symptoms.


Even though light stretching of the neck can provide some benefit, avoid overly stretching the neck. Remember that overstretching places significant strain on the neck that can lead to an increase in the pressure on the herniated cervical disc and disrupts with healing. The individual should carefully follow the exercise regimen suggested by the doctor or physical therapist.


Diving can worsen the symptoms of a herniated cervical disc. This is an activity that must be avoided since the velocity in which the head is subjected to in the water places significant force on the neck.

Remember that this can worsen the herniation or increase the risk for another injury. The individual should wait until cleared by the doctor to continue with this activity.



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