How to deal with cast issues

Casts have been long used to manage broken bones. Nevertheless, issues can arise and it is vital that you know how to assess the cast. The objective of many individuals who sustained a fracture is to heal the injury as rapidly as possible. The ideal way to accomplish this is to ensure that the right treatment is started. Among those who have a cast, it is essential to be able to recognize issues that might arise once it is applied.

How to maintain dryness

A challenge when having a cast is keeping it dry. Even though there are water-resistant options or cast materials that can stand being wet, many have to find a measure to keep it dry.

Luckily, there are various solutions that can be used for this issue. Always remember not to allow water to enter the cast since it is not made to tolerate water and if it becomes wet, the doctor should be informed since it might require replacement.

Cast issues

Casts have been long used to manage broken bones.

When to consult a doctor

There are circumstances where it is best to seek help. If any of the following are present, it might be an indication that further assessment or treatment is needed:

  • Swelling or pain that is not properly controlled with medications prescribed by the doctor.
  • Difficulty or inability to move the toes or fingers beyond the support.
  • Numbness or tingling in the extremities that worsens.
  • Splitting, loosening or breaking of the cast.
  • Circulation issues in the foot or hand
  • Unusual sensations, odors or wounds beneath the cast
  • Fever or an unexplained illness develops

Removal of the cast

Even though casts might be fun for a short while, almost everyone finds it annoying at some point. It is sad to note that some individuals will attempt to remove the cast on their own. Remember that this not only delays the treatment of the broken bone, but also dangerous.

Once the doctor decides to remove the cast, a special saw specifically designed not to harm the individual wearing the cast is used. Utilizing other tools to remove the cast is considered dangerous and can lead to significant injury. If the individual feels that there is an issue with the cast and might require removal or replacement, a doctor should be consulted.


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