How to loosen chest congestion

It is a known fact that chest congestion can make breathing a difficult task. Once an individual could not breathe, finding relief is your main concern. It can be frightening for the individual if he/she cannot breathe normally, especially when the lungs are already straining for air. First aid measures can be performed that can help provide relief to chest congestion. All you have to do is to enroll in a first aid course.

Measures to alleviate chest congestion

Drink plenty of fluids

The intake of fluids will help thin out the mucus that is causing the congestion. Once the mucus is loose and thinner, the body can easily eliminate it. Always bear in mind that mucus is sticky and thick, thus by thinning it out, it will surely lose its grip. Instruct the individual to drink clear liquids and avoid those that are thick and milky in consistency. Once an individual is congested, dairy products will only create more phlegm and congestion which is why they must be avoided at all costs.

Add lemon in your drinks

Chest congestion

It can be frightening for the individual if he/she cannot breathe normally, especially when the lungs are already straining for air.

As a way to relieve chest congestion, you can add lemon to drinks. The acid content present in lemon can cut through the phlegm. The ideal combination is tea with lemon which is reported to work well. For those who can tolerate the unsweetened taste, plain hot water mixed with fresh or bottled lemon is recommended. The combination of the acidic lemon and heat will provide relief. Take note that it is better to drink one without the added sweeteners or sugar, but if the individual could not tolerate, just add a small amount.

Back patting technique

The back patting technique can also help loosen the chest congestion. Instruct the individual to rest in a chair while leaning forward either on a table with the arms on his/her lap or on a cushion. The individual must lean in a way in which the lungs are allowed to expand. You will deliver firm open-handed slaps on the back, moving all over the surface of the back. This must be performed periodically throughout the day. Even though it might feel odd at first, it will help relieve some of the chest tightness.

Application of a hot water bottle

With a hot water bottle, it can be applied over the chest. Just make sure that you will place a towel or cloth in between the skin and the bottle so that it will not cause any burns on the skin. Take note that the hot water bottle will help the muscles relax as well as loosen the congestion.

Avoid sources of smoke

Individuals who are suffering from chest congestion should stay away from sources of smoke such as open fires or those who smoke. Exposure to smoke will even create more phlegm and congestion.

Important considerations to bear in mind

It is important to keep the room of the individual properly ventilated but do not avoid too much exposure to cold air. In case the chest congestion continues or the individual feels heavy and tight pressure in the chest even if you have provided first aid measures, it is best to get in touch with a health care provider.


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