How to prevent infants from Choking.

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The highest method of accidental deaths for infants in North America is via choking. Fortunately, there are two easy ways to prevent infants from choking. One simple method is prevention. I have spoken to an anesthesiologist from a local children’s hospital and he explained to me that infants and young children will choke on EVERYTHING! He has been part of surgical teams removing everything from batteries, lego’s, coins and candy’s from the passage ways of you children and infants.  If they can put in in there mouth they can choke on it. The simplest way to prevent any choking is to prevent it from happening. As they get older, sausages and grapes are the most likely culprits of causing young children, and adults to choke. Cut the grapes in half or in quarters and cut up the hot dog sausages before feeding them to the children. Use common sense around the babies crib, kitchen and with everything they eat. The best way to stop your infant or child from choking is to prevent it from every happening.

Another method of preventing your child or infant from becoming a fatal statistic from choking is by learning CPR. CPR teaches people straight forward and simple methods of rescuing choking victims. Combinations of abdominal thrusts and back blows have a very high statistic of removing a choking obstruction and saving an Adult, infant or Child. Take a CPR course in Vancouver today and learn to save the life of a loved one.

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