How to remedy nummular eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that causes red-colored patches, rashes, itchiness, flaking and blisters as well as other evident indicators on the skin. It is important to note that eczema has various types such as dyshidrotic eczema, atopic dermatitis or nummular eczema or even triggered by dry skin, allergies and other elements.

Nummular eczema is described as coin-shaped, red-colored spots that develop on the body. The treatment for different forms of eczema are focused mainly on healing the skin, reducing the itchiness and inflammation. A doctor should be consulted before using any home remedy to properly manage nummular eczema if an individual is suspected with one.

Herbal creams

Herbs that are available in the form of topical creams and salves can help manage the itchiness and irritation caused by various types of eczemas. One of the commonly used with promising results is the chamomile cream.

Nummular eczema

Nummular eczema is described as coin-shaped, red-colored spots that develop on the body.

Other herbs that can help manage the symptoms of nummular eczema include licorice, chickweed, witch hazel and sarsaparilla. Just remember though that herbs can trigger adverse effects and capable of interacting with other medications that are currently used by the individual and must only be used based on the instructions given by the doctor.

Nutritional remedies

The dietary changes and nutritional supplements can be used to minimize the symptoms of eczema. It is vital to avoid foods that trigger allergies such as peanuts, dairy, wheat and others. Certain foods that trigger inflammation in the body must also be avoided such as refined foods, meats and sugar.

Even fish oil supplements can help as well as flavonoid supplements such as quercetin or catechin and vitamin C. A doctor should be consulted for suitable recommendations on how to integrate dietary changes and supplements into the treatment plan for eczema.

Bleach bath

The itchiness linked with nummular and other types of eczema can urge the individual to scratch the area vigorously. This can lead to the development of infection that might be present on the skin.

It is recommended to prepare a bath made with a diluted bleach solution to minimize the incidence of infection due to eczema by eliminating the microbes. All you have to do is fill a bathtub using 40 gallons of lukewarm water and pour a cup of liquid bleach into the bath water. This produces a concentration that is to some extent stronger than a common chlorinated swimming pool.

The individual should immerse the body part in the water for approximately 10 minutes and then rinse with fresh, lukewarm water and pat dry and apply medication or lotion. These baths can be repeated 2-3 times in a week or as instructed by the doctor.


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