Infant CPR/AED – HCP Level

The following blog on Infant CPR at an HCP level is for information purposes only. If you want to learn to do CPR or CPR HCP take a CPR course with Vancouver First Aid Ltd.

The following is the steps for Infant CPR/AED at an HCP level.

1. Scene Assessment. Check the scene for hazards and mechanisms of injury.

2. Apply personal protection – Apply gloves and mask if available

3. Assess the levels of consciousness (AVPU)

4. Open the Airway – Open the airway using a head tilt / chin or jaw thrust.

5. Breathing – Check for normal breathing for 5 seconds.

6. Circulation – Using the carotid artery, check for circulation for 10 seconds.

7. Activate EMS and have the AED brought to the scene.

8. Start CPR – 30:2 compression to breath ratio for 1 rescuer. 15:2 compression to breath ratio for 2 rescuers.

9. AED – Begin AED protocol as soon as it arrives on scene

10. Position AED electrode pads on victim and connect to AED (follow prompts)

11. Analyze, follow prompts, and shock if advised.

12. ABC reassessment – pulse present but not breathing effectively

13. Rapid Body Survey – survey body for bleeding, fractures and medical alerts (ex: bracelets)

14. ABC reassessment every 2 minutes.

To learn Infant CPR at an HCP level take CPR HCP with Vancouver First Aid Ltd. The list provided includes Infant HCP CPR procedures at 2011 Lifesaving Society Standards. These are the most up to date standards provided (includes Red Cross and Heart and Stroke Foundation who have yet to update there standards to this level). For Private HCP courses use our contact us page or call 778-709.9180.