Lifeguard Courses and First Aid requirements.

To be a Lifeguard in BC you need to complete a number of courses including first aid courses. Here is a list of courses that someone needs to complete in order to become a lifeguard.

1. Bronze Medallion – It is a swimming course that introduces candidates to lifesaving techniques, first aid and safety skills around water.

2. Bronze Cross – It continues to develop the skills learned in Bronze Medallion adding more complicated scenarios and rescue techniques

3. Standard First Aid (comes with CPR level C) – In order to take the final course, NLS, candidates need to have a current Bronze Cross and a current Standard First Aid certificate. Candidates also need a current CPR-C which is no older than one year.

4. NLS – This is the final course which is provided by an affiliate of the Lifesaving Society. They have several NLS options but it is recommended that you start with the pool option.

These are all the courses need to become a qualified lifeguard in Vancouver, BC or anywhere througout Canada. To register for a First Aid course or a First Aid or CPR recertification check out Vancouver First Aid.