Measures to ease hip pain in pregnant women

The hip pain that occurs during pregnancy is considered as a common phenomenon experienced by women. The pain can be caused by shifts in the level of hormones, changes in the body structure, stretching of the uterus and ligaments as well as unavoidable weight gain. During pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts, thus adding pressure on the hips and pelvis. There are ways to alleviate the hip pain during pregnancy by being aware of the changing structure of the body. In case the hip pain is severe or persists, it is best to consult a doctor. To recognize and manage hip pain in pregnant women, sign up for first aid classes in Vancouver today.


It is important that the woman is conscious of her posture and sleeping positions in order to relieve some of the hip pain. When standing, it is recommended to hold the shoulders back with the head up and pelvis tucked in. While sleeping, lie on the side with the knees bent.

Extra pillows can be used by tucking one in between the knees and another one under the stomach. This will help relieve some pressure from the back and hips. In addition, it is best to use comfortable shoes and avoid wearing high heels and shoes that do not provide any support.

Hip pain

It is best to use comfortable shoes and avoid wearing high heels and shoes that do not provide any support.

Diet and supplements

It is recommended to drink plenty of water and include sufficient amount of calcium and magnesium in the diet. If the woman wants to try out herbal remedies, it is best to consult a doctor first regarding suitable herbal remedies that can provide relief from hip pain. Do not try out any herbal remedies unless a doctor is consulted. If the hip pain persists, the individual can ask the doctor if acetaminophen can be taken to relieve the pain.

Heat and proper stretching

The woman experiencing hip pain can soak in a warm bath or simply apply a heating pad on the sore area. Gentle stretching routines can be performed to help relieve the pain. It is important to note that many women find prenatal yoga, acupuncture or massage beneficial in reducing hip pain. A doctor should be consulted first before attempting any of these treatments during pregnancy.


It is vital to exercise on a regular basis during pregnancy since this will keep the body strong, enables the body to support its increasing weight and enhances circulation. Always make sure that the exercise routine is reasonable such as swimming or walking. A doctor should be consulted regarding a suitable exercise plan during pregnancy.

As long as hip pain can be readily managed with these measures, it will provide comfort to the woman. On the other hand, if the hip pain persists despite these measures, it is best to consult a doctor so that assessment can be carried out as well as start proper treatment.