Minimize swelling by using an orthopedic boot

An orthopedic boot is a specifically designed for individuals after sustaining an injury to the ankle or foot. By using an orthopedic boot, it helps prevent the movement of the affected body parts. It is sad to note that swelling typically occurs right after surgery. There are various ways to minimize the swelling as well as the pain when an orthopedic boot is worn. Just remember that the medications prescribed by the doctor must be taken by the individual.

Using an orthopedic boot that fits right

Once the individual is advised to use an orthopedic boot, he/she must try on the boot to ensure that it correctly fits. Always remember that the boot must fit perfectly around the leg and foot.

Most of the orthopedic boots available in the market can be easily adjusted at the leg area, but the foot part is precisely sized to the individual. Additionally, the heel must comfortably fit in the boot while the toes should not be congested in.

Application of ice

Orthopedic boot

By using an orthopedic boot, it helps prevent the movement of the affected body parts.

For pain relief and to minimize the swelling, you can use ice packs. You can easily create ice packs at home by simply using a plastic bag that is filled with ice. Just fill the bag halfway since if it is full, it could not be placed flat on the affected part. The best option is crushed ice since it provides better flexibility. You can double the plastic bag to prevent any leakages.

Position the ice packs within the boot down on the ankles and feet. You only need a maximum of two ice packs for each foot. Always remember that ice will reduce the amount of blood that goes into the foot while at the same time numbs the area to minimize the pain. Leave the ice pack for at least 10 minutes or until the individual finds it uncomfortable.  Do not forget to wrap the ice pack in a clean towel or cloth since directly applying on the skin might cause damage.


The foot that is swelling must be elevated at the level of the heart as much as possible. Using the orthopedic boot might be required but the pain and swelling will gradually reduce more if the individual will stop using the affected foot.

In basic first aid, elevation is part of the RICE method that is commonly applied on soft tissue injuries. You can learn more about this first aid treatment if you will register in a first aid course.

Important tips when using an orthopedic boot

If the individual is advised to use an orthopedic boot, there are certain considerations to bear in mind. Initially, the individual must loosen the orthopedic boot whenever possible. If he/she sits down, the straps must be loosened so that the fluids that started to accumulate are allowed to escape. Take note that this works effectively if the affected foot is elevated after the straps have been loosened.