Mold allergy: Am i prepared to manage one?

An individual with mold allergy is prone to annoying symptoms. If exposed to mold, it can even lead to serious infections and impairment to the lungs.

I am allergic to mold?

The indications of mold allergy can arise at any time but usually occur or worsen during damp days or in moist areas. The usual symptoms include the following:

  • Dry scaly skin
  • Sneezing episodes
  • Itchiness of the nose, eyes, mouth, skin or throat
    Mold allergy

    Severe symptoms of asthma such as shortness of breath and wheezing are indications of mold allergy.

  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughing and postnasal drip
  • Severe symptoms of asthma such as shortness of breath and wheezing

Mold allergy can strikingly mimic other ailments such as common cold, thus it might be difficult to determine if the symptoms are triggered by an allergy or not. It is vital to consult a doctor so that proper assessment and testing can be carried out.


When managing mold allergy, there are medications to be used to alleviate the symptoms such as:

  • Nasal saline sprays are used to rinse out the allergens and alleviate the nasal congestion
  • Corticosteroids work by reducing and preventing nasal itchiness and congestion
  • Decongestants work by relieving nasal congestion
  • Antihistamines are used to relieve sneezing, runny nose, itchy and irritated eyes
  • Montelukast is taken daily to prevent seasonal allergy symptoms especially asthma

Preventive measures

The ideal way to prevent the symptoms of mold allergy is to minimize exposure to mold with the help of the following measures:

  • The furnace filters must be changed often and utilize an air purifier designed for allergies.
  • Do not allow moisture to linger. In case of a recent flood, hire professional flood damage services. A ventilation fan or dehumidifier must be used in moist areas such as kitchens, basements and bathrooms.
  • Use a dust mask when mowing the lawn or engaging in other yard work.
  • Do not keep any house plants inside the house since mold can thrive in moist soil.
  • Utilize a bleach-based cleanser to eliminate mold in damp areas especially in bathrooms.
  • The windows should be closed and remain indoors if the outdoor mold count is high, usually at night and during cool, moist days.


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