Mosquito bites: Is my child allergic?

Mosquito bites is an issue of concern among children during the summer months. The humid, warm weather during the summer season provides the perfect setting for mosquitoes to flourish. Engaging in outside activities without using a repellant puts one at risk for mosquito bites that can be risky for children with severe allergies.

Remember that some indications of mosquito bites are relatively harmless while others might necessitate medical care.

How do I know if my child is allergic to mosquito bites?


Swelling, redness and lumps are the indications of an allergic reaction.

  • Check the site where the mosquito bites occurred. Swelling, redness and lumps are the indications of an allergic reaction. These signs arise in most individuals and might not always be an issue for concern. If swelling affects other body parts, particularly on the face, it is an indication of a severe allergic reaction.
  • You should palpate the site of the mosquito bites and the adjacent area for hardening or a swollen, tender feeling. These signs are often present at the base of the bite, but might spread out if the allergic reaction is strong.
  • Ask the child is he/she feels itchiness, pain or tenderness after being exposed to mosquitoes. Any of these signs might be a sign of an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. In case the child is too young to voice out his/her discomfort, gently press on all the exposed skin and check for reactions that might show mild pain.
  • Check the breathing of the child. Irregular, deep breathing is a sign of a serious allergic reaction that necessitates prompt medical care. In some instances, erratic breathing might also progress to dizziness or loss of consciousness.
  • Feel the forehead of the child using the back part of your hand to check if it is warmer than normal. A better alternative is to take the temperature using a thermometer. If fever is present after exposure to mosquitoes, a doctor should be consulted.
  • Monitor the bodily movements of the child for muscle spasms particularly in the legs and arms. The muscle spasms are an indication of a severe allergic reaction that necessitates medical care.


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