The material posted in this blog on New CPR is for information puproses only. If you want to learn to do CPR, receive proper training by taking a Red Cross CPR course. The most comprehensive course for lay rescuers is CPR level “C” which is also offered at our training centers.

Several changes have been implemented / recommended to the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society to promote and ensure high quality CPR. The new CPR standards include:

  • Chest compressions must be at a rate of at least 100 chest compressions per minute for adults, infants and children. The previous standards were for chest compressions to be approximately 100 per minute.
  • Chest compression depth must be at a depth of at least 2 inches for adults. Previously, the standard chest compression depth for an adult was 1.5 to 2 inches.
  • Chest compression depth for children and infants is to be at least one third the chest (about 2 inches for child and 1.5 inches for infants), instead of previous recommendation of approximately 1/3 the chest.
  • The maximum alloted time for a rescuer to not be doing chest compressions (ventilations) is 10 seconds instead of the previous recommentation of minimizing interruptions.
  • To continue to promote effective CPR the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society are promoting that rescuers allow for a full recoil of the chest in between chest compressions.

Changes in the implementation of AED’s has also been introduced to the Lifesaving Society and Red Cross programs:

  • A lone rescuer will call 911 and retrieve a AED if it is located nearby before beginning CPR on an  adult.
  • A lone rescuer will perform 2 minutes of CPR on a child or infant before calling 911 and retrieving an AED.
  • Rescuers can ask for bystanders to retrieve an AED for an infant eventhough the likelihood of an infant pediatric pads to be found in a AED is low and the likelihood for an infant to be in cardiac arrest is also very low.

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