Numbness in Hands

In general, numbness in the hands means a loss of feeling in the region of the hands.

Often, numbness in hands is accompanied by other changes, such as Courses for Studentstingling hands is extremely common and bothersome at the same time. Such sensations are mostly harmless and only temporary. For an instance, it could be a result from the pressure on the nerves when you place your arm under your head as you sleep. In this case, the tingling commonly known as “pins and needles” effect is relieved as soon as removing the pressure that caused it.

Causes of Hand Numbness

Diabetes is among the most common causes of nerve damage, making out for about 30% of all cases. In diabetic neuropathy, numbness and other symptoms often first develop in the feet and go up the legs, followed by numbness and other symptoms that the both hands, then goes up the arms. About 60% of people who suffer diabetes have nerve damages ranging from mild to severe. In most cases, these are the first signs of diabetes.

Numbness in hands can sometimes be caused by compression of the nerve, also known as a pinched nerve. The compression of the nerve usually occurs around the areas where the nerve passes through tight passages such as the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is located by the wrist bones and a ligament in which the nerve passes with nine tendons.

Not to be left out, some systemic diseases may play a role in the numbness. These include kidney disorders, liver disease, vascular damage and blood diseases, hormonal imbalances and even cancers.

Vitamin deficiencies can also end up with bad nerve functions. Vitamins E, B1, B6, B12, and niacin are vital for a healthy nervous system. For example, a B12 deficiency may cause pernicious anemia, one of the causes of peripheral neuropathy.

Other Symptoms of Numbness in Hands

Numbness in hands may be accompanied by other symptoms or a combination of symptoms. For example, numbness, tingling and itchiness may sometimes be symptoms of sclerosis, which is the thickening of the tissues. Numbness due to a bulging cervical disk located around your neck can cause extreme pain that extends down to certain fingers. Do take note of the symptoms as they can help your doctor make a better diagnosis.

Treatment for Numbness in the Hands from Home

The usage of anti-inflammatory product can help reduce pressure on the nerves. Some products can even help to heal damaged nerves, such as magnesium phosphate. Read the instructions and labels carefully before applying the appropriate doses as recommended. It would be wise to consult your doctor before using them to treat symptoms of numbness in hands.

Placing a splint on your wrist will help to keep the hand in position. This helps relieve the pressure put on the nerves. This method is quite effective, especially if you suspect that you are suffering early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. If this is indeed the case, check that your workplace is in the right conditions. Try to take more frequent breaks while working, especially on the computer to give your hands a nice rest.

Place ice packs on your wrist and hand twice a day. Exercise your arms, wrists and hands by doing curls and stretches as often as possible.

If numbness in hands persists or gets worser in any way, consult your doctor immediately.