Overview on Pott’s fracture

Pott’s fracture is damage to any of the bony regions of the ankle which is called as malleoli. The fractures can involve the lateral malleoli or the medial malleoli.

The injury often occurs in the same manner as an ankle sprain which is why it is difficult to differentiate from one another initially.

Primarily, palpation of the malleolus and adjacent area might provide an indication if a fracture is present or not. Take note that maximal tenderness on the bone might be a sign of a fracture. An X-ray is the only approach to pinpoint if there is a fracture. An early X-ray might not visible show the injury due to the puffiness and bleeding. If a fracture is likely, the doctor requires another X-ray once the inflammation settles.

What are the signs?

Pott’s fracture

Generally, one of the indications is abrupt, intense ankle pain.

Generally, a Pott’s fracture arises in the same manner as an ankle sprain. Furthermore, one of the indications is abrupt, intense ankle pain. The individual could not place any weight on the leg along with tenderness at the site of the damage. Additionally, there is evident swelling and bruising.

Management of Pott’s fracture

Depending on the seriousness of Pott’s fracture, the doctor might suggest surgical intervention to repair the moving internal ankle bones.

Furthermore, for a lateral malleolus fracture with unsteadiness on the interior of the ankle and a hairline medial malleolar fracture with possible instability, it requires treatment with plaster cast beneath the knee for up to 6 weeks.

For less serious fractures, the treatment involves using a brace or even a walking boot. A rehabilitation program that focuses on strengthening is necessary which must also include wobble board or a proprioception regimen.

More Information / Disclaimer

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