Pet First Aid and CPR

When Your Pet Gets Hurt

Managing a pet is difficult enough, what more if they get injured? Pets who are gentle and sweet have a tendency to turn aggressive if they are injured or sick. Also, injuries that are left unmanaged professionally can become infected – no matter how small the cut is. By becoming trained, and even certified, in Pet First Aid and CPR, you will learn how to manage a variety of pet emergencies – not just cuts and bruises.

If you work with pets (such as a pet day care or a grooming center) or have a pet of your own, this course will surely benefit you (and your pet!).

Pet First Aid and CPR Class at Vancouver First Aid

Pet First Aid training covers different emergency topics on the following conditions:

  • Choking
  • Bleeding wounds
  • Infection
  • Poisoning
  • Fractures and sprains

One of the most important topics we involve in the program is immobilizing pets. Because pets are aggressive when hurt, muzzling or immobilizing them is a must. Your pet first aid kit needs to be equipped with soft linen to muzzle your dog or immobilize your cat (or any smaller pet). Be sure that your pet is calm and immobilized before you attend to his or her injury.

Ideally, pets should have a separate first aid kit to prevent the transfer of infection. There are certain items that are used different on pets as well, such as adhesives. Never use tape on your pet’s skin or fur. Only use them to secure bandages and gauze to each other. Also, remember to keep your pets medical history, vet’s telephone number, and other emergency numbers in the kit.

Note: After stabilizing your pet, bring him or her to the veterinarian to get looked at. 

Passing The Class and Getting Certified

Vancouver First Aid only requires students to complete training with 100 percent attendance and passing grades on the final tests before they can get certified.  Certificates for Pet First Aid and CPR do not expire nor are refresher courses required to keep the certificates valid.

Certificates we award students are valid all over the province and will be accepted for work or school requirements.

Enrollment and Sign Up

Visit our training facility during office hours, between 8 AM and 5 PM, to facilitate your enrollment. Slots are immediately confirmed if you enroll in person. You may also chose the online route, which can be completed below (a form is available). Slots facilitated via online enrollment are confirmed during the next business day.

If you have questions regarding training, or anything at all, give us a call or send an e-mail. You can even visit us during office hours if you want a tour or introduction to the curriculum. Our staff might even invite you to sit in at one of the training classes.

Other providers cannot compare with the quality of training offered at Vancouver First Aid. Visit us early so you can immediately confirm your slot for Pet First Aid and CPR training!


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