Police arrest of man who died caught on video

A police officer arrested a man and repeated tasering him was caught in videos by some witnesses. The Ontario police watchdog is investigating the death of a Barrie man, 32 years old. The man was arrested last week.

Tasering incident

A video was uploaded online, and it shows that the arrested man was being repeatedly Tasered and restrained physically by arresting officers. According to news the incident happened at about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Vancouver first aid

Paramedics immediately provided him with CPR and first aid.

According to the police, the man was taken to a Barrie police station for processing. The man suddenly went into medical distress. Paramedics immediately provided him with CPR and first aid. The man was transferred to the Regional Health Center for further treatment. He died later due to his severe injuries.

The Barrie policemen stated in news that they cannot give any comment on the incident because the SIU has the authority to investigate. They did not provide details on why the man was arrested and what charges he is facing.

According to the chief of the police force, Kimberly Greenwood, she stated in news that this is a tragic incident and difficult for our community. The Barrie Police Services is prevented by the legislation from talking about the event or circumstances that resulted to the incident. Furthermore Greenwood stated that the officers immediately provided first aid and CPR when they noticed that the man was having a medical distress and also called the paramedics.

One video was uploaded by a witness on the internet and been watched for a thousand times. In the video it shows two police officers struggling with the man and a bystander can be heard critizing the other policeman. Eventually the policemen pinned the man down on the ground. Another video taken at a different angle shows a third officer joined the group at one point.

After the man died, the union representing the Barrie police officers stated in news “A tragic incident for all those involved that happened in Barrie, we stand behind our members 100%.”

The SIU is the one authorized to investigate reports that involves police where the incident resulted to severe injuries or death of the accused.

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