Possible causes of staph infection of the hair

It is important to note that a staph infection of the hair can be triggered by various factors. A staph infection or staphylococcus is a type of bacteria that thrives normally in the mouth, nose, genitals and anus without causing any issues.

Once the skin is broken for any reason, the bacteria can enter and trigger an infection.  There are various types of staph species that are known to trigger different forms of illness. Always bear in mind that staph infections can spread from one individual to another. Humid, warm climates along with increased sweating can also contribute to the spread of staph infections. In most cases, the immune system of an individual has been weakened and could not fight off the infection from entering the body.


The presence of boils is considered as staph infections that are described as pockets filled with pus that develop in the hair follicles or oil glands. The skin over the infected area is swollen and red in appearance. The boils often develop under the armpits, buttocks and groin since these areas are prone to sweating and there is high moisture in the skin. This is typically seen in contact sports where there is increased moisture and sweating while playing the sport.

Staph infection

Infection of the hair follicles or folliculitis develops in the area where the hair shafts grow.


Infection of the hair follicles or folliculitis develops in the area where the hair shafts grow. The pimple often starts in the hair shaft region. In most cases, there is a inflamed region surrounding every pimple. Individuals who shear and brush against clothing with irritated skin are prone to staph infections entering the skin via close contact with infected clothing or skin.


A sore lump in the skin due to an infected hair follicle is called a furuncle. In most cases, the lump is usually packed with pus and continues to enlarge until it breaks and drains. This infection is usually instigated by skin contact of an infected individual or material that contains the bacteria. The furuncles typically develop on the neck, armpits, face, buttocks and inner thighs where the moisture is high.


A carbuncle is a region inside an infection that includes a number of furuncles. It is important to note that this infection is triggered by lack of treatment on furuncles and requires immediate attention. Individuals who have this infection are slightly feverish and do not feel well.

Contaminated hands

A hordeolum is also called as a stye and an infection of the eyelid. It is quite apparent once the base of the eyelid and the eyelash are infected. The area neighboring the eyelash becomes swollen and red. This is usually triggered by poor hand washing techniques as well as contamination of objects that are infected with staph.


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