Preparing for a First Aid or Food Safe Course

Prior to taking a first aid or food safe course with Vancouver First Aid in either Vancouver or Surrey candidates should be aware of a few things. I have put together a list of some important tips to be prepared for a first aid or food safe training. These tips are only recommendations, you don’t need to follow all of them.

1. Dress comfortably. It can get very difficult moving around and practising CPR on a manikin in high heels or tight clothes.

2. All of our training centres are located in areas where candidate have plenty of opportunity to find and buy some food to eat. However, we also don’t mind if you eat in our classrooms. Our Surrey location even has a fridge and microwave for students.

3. If you are coming in for a re-certification course please bring in your previous certification card. The instructor won’t be able to issue you a new certificate if you can’t prove certification from a previous course.

4. You don’t need to do any homework before the course, however, a good nights sleep is recommended. A 8 hour course of comprehensive first aid can be difficult if you aren’t well rested or hungover from a night of drinking.

5. Don’t stress about the course. Enjoy the class, learn first aid and CPR and don’t worry about the final test. 99% of candidates complete the final exam without any issues.

6. You don’t need to bring in a receipt or proof of payment. The instructor will have a updated course roster that includes everybody that has registered for the course and any additional information.

7. Have Fun! The best kind of learning is when you are having fun doing it. All of our instructors strive to make the courses fun and entertaining. Enjoy the course.

8. Get plenty of rest. Without a good nights rest these courses can be difficult. Have your body and brain ready to learn and practice skills by getting plenty of rest.

Take a first aid or food safe course with Vancouver First Aid!